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When domain investors withdraw any money from their bank account, the hysterical dishonest intelligence and security agencies are quick to accuse the person of being a security threat without any proof at all, to defame, cheat, exploit, harass the harmless citizen. However they do not realize that food is becoming extremely expensive in the last few years, especially fruits. The prices of fruits in Panaji, Goa depend to a large extent on the vendor selling the fruits and the location of the vendor . In posh areas of panaji, the fruit prices are usually far higher than the middle class areas or the market area. For fruits like vegetables in India, there is a lot of wastage, so some vendors will sell the fruits which are not fresh at a far lower rate as they will be otherwise discarded. Another feature of living in goa is that a lot of fruits growing on trees, especially in posh areas, are wasted, because it is difficult to find anyone who will climb the tree and pluck the fruit. The overripe fruit will fall on the ground and no one will pick up the fruit because it will affect their reputation and citizens are under surveillance. For example fruit prices in July 2016 are - Rs 30 - Rs 60 for 1 dozen small bananas , for large Kerala bananas the price was Rs 50 for only 4 pieces - cheapest mangoes cost Rs 10 each - small pomegranates Rs 10 each - small papaya - Rs 25 each - apples - Rs 180/kg - pears - Rs 250/kg Most of these fruits are sufficient for 1 day only , so a large amount has to be spent shopping for fruits alone. Though most people prefer to grow fruit trees in their garden as relatively less maintenance will be required, it has become extremely difficult to grow any fruit trees when ntro officials are bombarding the area with high power radiation to cover up their sex, cheating for government job fraud. The fact that radiation was adversely affecting the yield of coconut and other trees in Canacona was also reported in the local media in Goa Compared to most other fruit seeds, the germination rate for papaya seeds appears to be the highest. In July 2016, a large number of papaya seedlings have grown. Based on earlier data, very few plants are likely to survive till September or yield any kind of fruit. Though a number of mango seeds were sown, only one mango seedling has grown, in the branches of a fallen tree. Vegetables and legumes are more likely to grow quickly without fertilizers or any kind of maintenance.

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